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Build an Acting Resume
How to build an acting resume
Building an acting resume is a process. It can be done relatively quickly using 4 quick steps. Remember to always double check your spelling, and most imporantly, be honest. You don't want to be caught lying to a casting director about your past experience. Of course, if you choose to "add" a few extra credits to your acting resume, don't get caught. The best choice is to be honest about your acting resume though. If you need to add some more acting credits to your resume, start searching for acting auditions in Miami other local areas.
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Step: 1 - Experience
Many people underestimate the importance of experience. It seems the common thought is that we will be discovered in a resturaunt one day, and placed in a major motion picture with the likes of Brad Pitt the next day. Many famous celebrities were at one point struggeling actors, often times taking several months to land their first audition. But they continued to gain experience by going to every audition they could in new york and anywhere else. Not only does experience help dictate your work ethic to a casting director, but you also put yourself in a position to be noticed by more industry executives. Go to auditions as often as possible. Many can be found in new york.

Step: 2 - Biographical Stats
Casting directors often get a black and white headshot and a resume. But what does the rest of your body look like? What color are your eyes or your hair? This is vital information for a casting director in new york to have, and many actors often times forget to include it. Height, weight, eye color, hair color, measurements, etc. These are commonly the first things a casting director in new york looks for when searching for talent.

Step: 3 - Hobbies and Special Skills
When a casting director looks at your portfolio, they may like your look, but will you fit the part? Your hobbies and skills not only tell them what you like to do, but it illustrates the kind of person you are. Some people like to read, some people are into extreme sports. You might be a new york native, you might have an accent. Two actors with similar looks may not both fit the role or the character needed. The activities actors enjoy in real life are often times portrayed on the screen. It is important to be sure your personality comes out here.

Step: 4 - Training
Even some of the best actors that are born with outstanding talent have to study and practice for every role. Some actors won't get the part because they lack the training and experience. Most professional actors hire training coaches (which you can find in new york) every time they are working on a major production. Such professional training may cost a substantial amount of money; however, it will play an important part in actor's life. At first you should consider taking some basic training at a local new york acting school or new york college. For more inexpensive, training try a well recommended new york acting workshop with good credentials.

Sample acting resume template

First and Last Name
(Union Affiliation ie. SAG/AFTRA)
Height, Weight
Hair/Eye Color

Representation (if applicable)


  • Film
    Movie A - Role - Production Company/Director
    Movie B - Role - Production Company/Director
    Movie C - Role - Production Company/Director

  • Television
    TV Show A - Role - Production Company/Director
    TV Show B - Role - Production Company/Director

  • Commericials
    Company A
    Company B


  • School A - Class Title - Teacher
    School A - Class Title - Teacher

  • School B - Class Title - Teacher
    School B - Class Title - Teacher
    School B - Class Title - Teacher
    School B - Class Title - Teacher


  • Running, Jumping, Hiking, Skateboarding, Swimming, Rollerskating, Sports, etc.