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Talent Resources
Find Talent Resources in Miami, Florida
Find talent resources for acting, modeling, and fashion resources for Miami auditions for actors and models.

What is a talent resource?
Talent resources are available from many areas, and cover a wide range of the entertainment industry. A resource is basically anything you can use for a particular need. In this case, we are considering resources for talent. Acting resources, modeling resources, talent resources for fashion, whatever it may be, we have you covered. This entire website is dedicated to providing actors and models with the resources they need to become successful and stay that way.

What talent resources does offer?
Our primary talent resource, are auditions. Whether you're involved in acting, modeling, singing, dancing, music, theater, voice-over, or any other form of talent in Miami, we know about local auditions. There are many auditions taking place every day. One of our primary goals is to provide talented individuals an opportunity to be notified of local auditions so they can have chance to be discovered by a major talent scout or casting director. If you are not currently attending auditions every week, and you would like this same opportunity, sign up today for FREE! Submit the audition form to us and we will contact you to inform you of local auditions and casting calls. You don't have to live in Miami, we work with clients from many different places. Sign up today and start attending auditions.
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Schools and training
It may be difficult to be seriously considered for an audition if you don't have proper training. There are many talent schools, classes, workshops and training facilities for actors and models. If you have never had proper training, it's a good idea to get some. It can be intimidating as a beginner when you start attending auditions, but it can be even more intimidating attending classes with your competition. Ultimately, it is usually considered a positive experience. Learning valuable techniques, and having an opportunity to network amongst other peers and industry professionals is an experience that cannot be replaced. An important talent resource is proper training. If you have not considered any local talent schools yet, we can help you find a reputable, professional school who can help take your talent to the next level.
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Photographers and headshots
Most of the time, you will receive an audition based on your headshot. You can be an amazing and passionate actor, or a stunningly beautiful model, but without an accurate representation of you, there is little for a casting director to go on. You only have a couple of seconds or less to catch the eye of a casting director sorting through hundreds, possibly thousands of headshots. You have to stand out and grab their attention without letting it go. As an actor, you are your own business, your own boss and your own product. Your headshot is the single most important tool you have in your entire career. Getting the right headshot is the first step to launching your successful acting career. And the first step to getting a great headshot is finding a great photographer.
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Build a resume
Building an acting resume is a process. It can be done relatively quickly using 4 quick steps. Remember to always double check your spelling, and most importantly, be honest. You don't want to be caught lying to a casting director about your past experience. Of course, if you choose to "add" a few extra credits to your acting resume, don't get caught. The best choice is to be honest about your acting resume though. If you need to add some more acting credits to your resume, start searching for acting auditions in Miami other local areas.
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How can a monologue help?
A strong audition monologue is an important tool to have in the industry. A monologue allows an actor the opportunity to show off their abilities. When selecting a monologue, be sure to chose one that is appropriate for your age group, fits the part you are auditioning for, (ie. dramatic role = dramatic monologue) and select a monologue that is engaging. Don't just read a speech, have a monologue that is interesting, exciting, and grabs the attention of your audience. Below are some examples of free monologues. To find more, go to your local library, they will usually have many books with an available monologue.
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How can I join a union?
Would you like to learn about acting guilds and unions in the entertainment industry and how to contact these associations, guilds and entertainment unions? To become a member of any affiliated guild or union, such as SAG (The Screen Actors Guild) or AFTRA (American Federation of Television & Radio Artists) you usually need to be already working in film or television. If you are not currently attending auditions in Miami, you should start right away.
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