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How can I find the best acting schools in Miami?
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Answer: Whether you are looking for an acting school, modeling school, singing school, dancing school, or any kind of talent school, we can help you find it. Just select "Search Talent Schools" and instantly have the opportunity to search for talent schools in your local area that fit your needs. New schools are always looking to help new talent trying to get their foot in the door. It is quick and easy to submit your information to dozens of schools that can help you further your career in acting, modeling, or whatever your talent may be. Find a school that will help you harness your talent today!

Acting Classes in Miami, Florida
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Even some of the best actors that are born with outstanding talent have to study and practice for every role. Some actors will never get the part because they lack the training and experience.

Acting Coaches in Miami, Florida
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Most professional actors hire training coaches every time they are working on a major production. Such professional training may cost a substantial amount of money; however, it will play an important part in actor's life. At first you should take some basic training at a local acting school or college.

Modeling Classes in Miami, Florida
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In many cases modeling career depends on your looks. But you also must know how to move and look sexy during the photo shoot.

Music Schools in Miami, Florida
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Becoming a musician is absolutely impossible without professional training and guidance. You must take music lessons to develop your talent and constantly work on improving your skills.

Singing Classes in Miami, Florida
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Many singers and vocalists often do their singing in a car or shower. The fact is, no matter how much your friends and family think you sound great, you probably don't sound as good to a trained professional. Put your pride aside and get some real training for you voice, so when the time comes to show off for a record label, you can have the confidence you'll need.

Talent Workshops in Miami, Florida
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There are so many valuable talent workshops offerend now for actors, models, musicians and more. They usually feature trained and experienced industry professionals offering advice for upcoming talent. There are many benefits to attending various workshops, so find out what is going on in your area.

Dance Classes in Miami, Florida
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Becoming a dancer is absolutely impossible without professional training and guidance. You must take dance lessons to train your talent and constantly work on improving your skills.

How can an acting or modeling school help me?
Answer: Proper training from reputable acting schools will help reinforce the correct techniques required by top casting directors and agencies. Another important acting tip they can help with is putting together a good resume. There are certain standards and guidelines for an actor's resume. Your resume must be well-written and professional along with being in the proper format. List all of your past and current training, experiences, talents, skills, contacts, etc. A good acting school can not only look nice on your resume as well, but they can often help you write your resume, and help put you in some acting projects that you will be able to add to your acting resume. While an acting school may not be necessary for everybody, there is certainly no shame in going to a good acting school and it can only offer more benefits than not attending. A good school will teach you many valuable tools that can help you build a successful career in the industry.

What is the difference between a legitimate talent school, and one who just wants my money?
Answer: Just as there are many helpful, reputable talent agents, there are also a great number of fine schools. But there are some whose only purpose is to take your hard-earned money. When considering a school or teacher, watch for the same warning signals that apply to talent agents and photographers. Like the phony agent, a school or teacher may ask for an exorbitant registration fee and demand that you have photographs taken by their photographer. Be suspicious of teachers who do not have legitimate credentials, or who "claim" to produce TV shows, movies, or theatrical productions. None of the unions representing performers will recommend any schools. You may want to contact one of the Community Colleges in your area for classes in theatre, radio or television.

I own a school, can I list my school with
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Answer: Of course you can. If you are the owner of a school who provides new talent and fresh faces with important tools of the trade for acting, modeling, singing, dancing or any other talents, feel free to submit your school to our database. We have several schools listed who are finding new students every day. We want to provide acting and modeling schools with talented young students who are trying to further their career and get a leg up on the industry. Just select, "Submit Talent Schools" and you can instantly list your school in our database for new students. It is quick and easy to submit your information for many future students to see what your acting or modeling school has to offer them.