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Miami Headshot Photographers
The key to getting your foot in the door is a great headshot.
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Most of the time, you will receive an audition based on your headshot. You can be an amazing and passionate actor, or a stunningly beautiful model, but without an accurate represenation of you, there is little for a casting director to go on. You only have a couple of seconds or less to catch the eye of a casting director sorting through hundreds, possibly thousands of headshots. You have to stand out and grab their attention without letting it go. As an actor, you are your own business, your own boss and your own product. Your headshot is the single most important tool you have in your entire career. Getting the right headshot is the first step to launching your successful acting career. And the first step to getting a great headshot is finding a great photographer. Find photographers in Miami - CLICK HERE

Is your headshot worthy of a magazine cover?
Unless your confident about that, then you’re wasting your time submitting to endless roles and spending your money driving all over town. Every time you submit for a role online or in person, your headshot is the most important thing to getting you 'in the door', above everything else. If it’s not the best headshot you can get then you’re setting yourself up for failure.

You bring something very unique to the entertainment industry. Something no one else can. Getting the right headshot will allow you to finally be able to show your personality.

The easiest way to get a great headshot in Miami, is to find a great photographer in Miami. Not necessarily the best photographer overall, but the best photographer for you. Take some time to research photographers in Miami. Check prices and samples of a photographers work and previous headshots. Also, don't be nervous about calling and speaking with a photographer on the phone, if they're rude, or too busy to talk to you now, they probably will be too busy to help during your photo shoot. Try to find a photographer who is professional, but still polite and helpful. You want to find a photographer who makes you feel comfortable, which is more important than anything else when taking headshots.

Headshots for actors and models
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A black and white photograph of a person's head is considered standard acting headshot. An 8x10 headshot is often thought of as "the actor's business card", for the serious actor professional, aspiring actor or otherwise, an actual headshot is one of the most critical tools in your marketing arsenal. You never know where you'll be when you meet an industry professional in new york whom you want to impress, and most actors carry 8x10s around with them everywhere they go. You must get the best headshots possible! (There are many professional photographers in new york.) Usually, casting directors from new york will glance once at your picture, so you have only one chance to capture their interest.

Composite cards and modeling photos
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Professional comp cards are excellent model marketing tools for promotion and exposure in new york. In today’s competitive world of modeling and entertainment, every chance or encounter on new york's streets could be a potential job opportunity. The modeling and entertainment industry is like a business, and in any business one factor among many affecting your degree of success is your marketing material. You will face much competition in new york, but it isn't uncommon. There will be competition everywhere you go, so be prepared, have the proper tools, and at least you'll give yourself an opportunity to succeed in new york.