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Learn about is widely considered as one of the best online audition resources for talent and casting staff in Miami. Launched in the new millennium, was one of the first online services to offer real solutions to actors, actresses, models, casting directors and talent agencies in Miami, Florida. Our mission is to provide casting directors with easy access to the information and pictures of actors or models that are currently available around the world. Our commitment is to help you with your acting resources & casting needs. Whether you are looking to find your next audition, a photographer for new headshots, an acting school or modeling workshop, a talent agent, general acting and modeling resources, or casting for a new film, will provide you with tools and services to expedite and enhance your ability with the help of new technology.

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Miami Auditions
When attending auditions, there will always be rules of etiquette that an actor, actress, dancer, model, singer, or other talent must follow during the audition process. Learn about the audition process. - click here

Acting Schools and Training
Even some of the best actors that are born with outstanding talent have to study and practice for every role. Some actors will never get the part because they lack the training and experience. Learn about acting schools. - click here

Photographers and Headshots
Most of the time, you will receive an audition based on your headshot. You can be an amazing and passionate actor, or a stunningly beautiful model, but without an accurate represenation of you, there is little for a casting director to go on. Find out how to get great headshots, and find Miami photographers. - click here

While managers won't represent a model directly, as an agent will, they will help them network and will promote them to the industry. These activities will help a model get bookings they would otherwise not get had they been working on their own. Learn about the differences between talent agents and managers, and find out how to get one. - click here

Talent Resources
There are many valuable talent resources available today for actors, models, and other talented artists in the entertainment industry, and you've just found one of the best. Learn about acting guilds & unions, find monologues to practice your acting skills, learn how to build your resume with our sample resume template, or learn some of the most popular film terms and their definitions. - click here

Talent Search
The talent search is for casting staff only. Casting directors are able to use the talent search section to view online client portfolios, and review new talent in Miami, Florida. - click here